ISRAR (born 2007) is hearing impaired and has been with us for the last 3 years. . He has been given two hearing aids by Starkey Laboratories. After painstakingly completing 150 hours of one to one sessions with our speech therapists, Israr is now able to speak and comprehend beautifully.

RITESH (born 2011) came to us 2 years ago. When his parents brought him, Ritesh could not even sit, let alone walk. Suffering from multiple disabilities it took him several months before he could start using a table and a chair – as he needed a lot of space. Now Ritesh is able to walk up and down the stairs with assistance. When Ritesh is in a good mood he moves around freely…But when he is in a bad mood he refuses to walk!

MALA (born 1993) joined us in 2007 as a student of our beauty course. Mala’s parents were both hearing impaired as a result of which Mala knew sign language. The same year we had 11 hearing impaired girls from Lady Noyce join the same course. While undergoing her own course, Mala doubled up as a teacher for other HI girls. After receiving her certificate, Mala was employed by Beauty World!

ANKUR (born 1998) came to us to do computers at the age of 17. Son of a dhobi, Ankur lacked confidence and was extremely reserved. After taking English and Computer classes at Lepra, today Ankur, aged 18 is employed by a 5 star hotel in Delhi.

FARAH, (born 1989) came to Lepra in 2014 and joined the beauty course. Somewhere along the way we realized she was epileptic. As a result, she was unable to sit for her exams and would often fall asleep during class. Yet she persevered, along with her teachers and class mates. Counseling, meditation and theatre helped her deal with the issue at hand. Today, she has not only completed her beauty course but has also been able to act in plays with long dialogues – delivered with great confidence and aplomb.

We are so proud of these huge steps these children have taken despite their many challenges. It just goes to show how magically love and sincere hard work can change us. 

Some of our students have gone on to work at Axis Bank (hearing impaired student), Croma, Barista as well as a call centre. One of our hearing impaired students has also started work at our member Mr. Goonmeet Chauhans  office.