Spreading Christmas Cheer -By hearing impaired children during celebration at The Lepra


The Lepra India Trust -News on Christmas Day
Hearing impaired children performing during the Christmas celebrations at The Lepra India Trust, Jasola, Delhi – 23rd December, 2016

Hearing impaired children put up a number of skits in the city on Friday to ring in Christmas cheer.

The children, who were provided hearing aids, were first taught by special educators how to translate sounds they can now hear on the streets before coming up on the stage to put up the performance. The event was part of Christmas celebrations organised by the Lepra India Trust.

Stating that children celebrate all festivals, Navin Chawla, the founder and vice chairman of the Lepra India Trust, said the trust helps children suffering from various levels of hearing impairment. Beside this, the trust also provides street work and skill-training to help leprosy patients and their family members in the city.



23rd December, 2016. Source The Hindu
Sir Dominic Asquith (The British High Commissioner),Lady Asquith, Fali Nariman (prominent Constitutional jurist) and Navin B. Chawla (Founder and vice president of Trust)  take part in the Christmas celebrations at The Lepra India Trust in Jasola – 23rd December, 2016



Annual Day Event-2015

Hearing impaired children perform in a play on sanitation during the Annual Day Event 2015 held at the auditorium at Apollo Hospitals