Hearing Impaired

Education For Hearing Impaired Children

The Trust conducts special classes for hearing impaired children, through RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) accredited special educators and speech therapists. Our children undergo training in extensive auditory techniques, speech therapy, health and hygiene by our qualified staff.

We strongly believe in trying to integrate our hearing impaired children into the mainstream by giving them special training in developing their verbal and social skills. Our Speech Therapists also encourage children to speak through the oral method of teaching, instead of relying on sign language for communication.

For children who can hear partially we prefer following an inclusive model of education, where underprivileged ‘normal’ and hearing impaired children learn the same lessons together in the same classroom.

For our profoundly deaf students, we provide computer training through sign language. In fact, our computer teacher is himself hearing impaired and a former student of the Trust!

Besides classes, the students are also involved in arts, crafts and dance, which are powerful tools of self expression. Theatre has also helped them bloom, and many of our students have starting using visual cues to act in multi-scene plays with dialogue and music. Even if for some they sound ‘strange’, we encourage that each person’s verbal expression is equally valid and real.

Lepra also conducts regular PTA meetings with parents to assess their children’s progress. Parents are also counseled on how to manage their wards and give them special care.

With the help of Starkey Laboratories, our Trust is the only institution that provides free hearing aids to students within a 10 kilometer radius.

Our mission is to help our students be self reliant – since these children aren’t able to get admission to regular schools or keep up with lessons due to their impairment.