ASHISH (13 yrs, Congenital bilateral hearing impairment):Mainstreamed in 2018 : Ashish has above 90dB hearing loss. He came to the Trust in 2014. He had no awareness of sounds/speech. He never used hearing aids. He was attending a local school but no progress as he was not able to understand anything. At the Trust, he was provided hearing aids and taught the proper use of it. His academic level was of KG. With regular speech therapy and education, he has started speaking short phrases. He is able to comprehend, follow commands. In academics he progressed very fast. In 2018, as he was ready to be mainstreamed, he got admission in a government school where he is doing very well. He is taking part in various sports and cultural activities

LAMIYA (10 years):  Lamiya lost her hearing due to high fever and dengue at the age of 3.  Her mother brought her to the Trust in 2015 when she was 7. She was using the hearing aids but did not understand how to use it properly.   She was already going to a normal school but not making any progress. She used to imitate but no speech. Her mother opted only for speech therapy.  With regular sessions three times a week there is a remarkable improvement in her speech as she is able to speak simple sentences. There is still work to be done on her speech clarity. Her comprehension is very good.  Her mother is very dedicated towards her daughter’s growth and very grateful to the Trust for helping her daughter getting into Although she comes only for speech therapy but she takes part in almost all the program/activities/picnic of the Trust without missing her school.  She has become confident and doing well in her studies.   

GURSIMRAN Singh (8 years): Gursimran came to us in the month of November 2017 through one of our Special Educators. He has congenital bilateral hearing impairment. Parents have had a very passive and complaining attitude due to which the child has developed severe behavioural problems. He started using the hearing aids only for few months before coming to the Trust. Due to the lack of transport, they enrolled him only for speech therapy. The sessions were given three times a week. Within a few weeks, there has been a visible improvement in his listening sounds, uttering few words like hello, bye etc. Not only this, seeing other children in the class rooms, he has also started interacting with the peer group. Seeing the atmosphere of the Trust, and the positive changes in Gursimran’s behaviour within two months, his parents decided to enrol him for special education. He is now a happy child, disciplined to some extent, and makes eye contact and follows commands. He is also friendly with other children. He wrote the exam with full enthusiasm. This helped us to decide to enrol children only for speech therapy as we learned that the parents who opt only for speech therapy get the motivation to enrol for special education

 ADARSH (6 years): Adarsh has congenital bilateral hearing impairment with autism spectrum and came to the Trust in May 2017. He is an intelligent child but parents had no awareness about his condition so they did not know how to handle him. They were reacting to his tantrums which made him further stubborn. When he came to the Trust, he had no eye co-ordination, no sitting, aggressive with other children.  The special educators and the speech therapists through different activities tried to make him sit for some time and they observed that while drawing he was most calm and focused. With the help of other play activities, his eye co-ordination improved.  For his behaviour, we referred him to other organisation in the vicinity for behaviour therapy. Initially the parents were not open and co-operative but with counseling  they understood the importance. He goes twice a week for therapy sessions. Within two months, his behaviour improved remarkably. Now, he has eye contact, follows command, sitting is proper and friendly with other children. He takes keen interest in everything and a fast learner. His parents in the parent-teachers meeting said,” We had never imagined that our son will ever behave normal and do something in life. But now with the trust’s support,  we are very hopeful about his future.” He has successfully cleared the nursery exam and has been promoted to KG.

SAMIYA (7 years): Samiya came to the Trust in January 2017. She has congenital bilateral hearing impairment. She had moderately severe (56 – 70dB) hearing loss. Although she was using hearing aids, both she and the family were not aware of the proper use of it. She had no awareness of sounds. She was speechless and a very shy child.  She had never been to school either.  So, she was put in nursery class. The speech therapists taught her to use the hearing aid. Due to her shy nature she never used to interact with other children or respond to the teachers in the class.  The special educators and the speech therapist worked together with her speech and learning using various methods and specially praising her a lot. The Speech Therapist has been working on her awareness of sound, discrimination of sound, identification of sound and comprehension. Regarding her speech, she is now on simple sentences. Teachers worked on her cognition through puzzle solving, memory games etc. She had a difficulty in writing and the teacher taught her through writing on the sand. She was involved in taking part in various activities like group dance and art n craft.  She responds by speech and able to follow commands by listening. Children are also encouraged in the class to speak loudly and she is responding very well.  Now, she has overcome her shyness and has also started writing well.  She has been promoted to KG. Her parents have not been supportive and do not follow up with the home work in academics as well as speech. She is also not very regular but despite all this, she has progressed very well and now attending a regular school. This has given us the confidence that for mainstreaming,  early intervention can bring about a lot of change in the child’s speech and comprehension .

ANURADHA (11 years): Anuradha came in March 2017. She had a traumatic experience at the age of 4 when accidentally hot oil fell on her leg. Due to the shock she lost her hearing in both ears. Before coming to the Trust, she was studying in a local anganwadi. She was taken in here in class 2. She started using the hearing aid only after coming to the Trust. The speech therapist and the special educators helped her to use the hearing aid and with their help she now speaks names of her friends, teachers, fruits and can communicate expressing her needs. She is doing very well and takes interest in every activity. For academics, she needs extra push. She takes a lot of interest in the stitching class and tries everything at home.

MEENAKSHI (11years): Meenakshi’s family is from Himachal. She has congenital bilateral hearing impairment. She was using hearing aids and studying in a Govt School there but parents were not satisfied  as there were no special educators. They moved to Delhi for suitable prospects for her. She came to know about the Trust through her neighbour who is working at the Trust. She was enrolled in July 2017. Meenakshi is well behaved and intelligent child. She picked up in speech and education very fast. She gets along well with her peer group. Takes part in all activities with enthusiasm. Her mother is totally involved with her daughter.

SHIMON (10 years): Shimon came to the Trust in October 2014 when he was 7 years. He has congenital bilateral hearing impairment. He had no sound awareness so there was no speech. He just had meaningless vocalisation. The Trust provided him hearing aids and the speech therapist helped him to become aware of the sounds. He had behavioural issues. The Special Educator helped him to start learning. Initially the mother was very aggressive and demanding but gradually seeing positive changes in her son, she calmed down. Time to time, the senior staff counselled her. Shimon is in class 3 now. He is an average student. He participates in various activities with lot of seriousness, even helps other children to remember their part. He has started speaking short phrases and simple sentences.

Parents are very happy and satisfied during the parent teachers meeting expresses her happiness seeing the improvement in the child. If some parents complain about something, she is the one who tells them that the services provided at the Trust are very good and effective. The Trust has made a difference to their life as far as Shimon’s future is concerned.

PAYAL (11 years):  She has congenital bilateral Hearing Impairment. (Profound Hearing loss above 90 dB). Her father works as a driver and mother is a housewife. She joined the Trust in 2014. She had never used hearing aids. At Lepra, she was given the hearing aids and taught how to use it properly. She had never been to school so she was taken into nursery. The Speech Therapists have worked on all 4 levels of sound and is able to speak 2 words phrases. She is a keen learner and takes part in all activities happily. She loves to be on the stage be it dance or speech or fancy dress . She is ready to go to the mainstream but parents are not taking any initiative.

ISRAR (11 years): He has congenital bilateral Hearing Impairment: He came to The Lepra India Trust in 2014. He was using the hearing aids and was only imitating letters. He was not studying in any school. His mother is in the village and the father works here as a painter. He brought Israr to Delhi for speech therapy and education. Israr is an intelligent boy and a keen learner. With regular speech therapy sessions he has now started speaking short sentences. He is also able to recite short poems. However, he is not doing very well in studies because he is absent for 2-3 months altogether when the father takes him to the native village. When he comes back after this long gap he is unable to cope up as he forgets what he learnt earlier. The educators give him extra attention to help him cover the syllabus. He is able to cope up and recovers fast.  He is ready to go to the mainstream education.

RITESH (born 2011) came to us 2 years ago. When his parents brought him, Ritesh could not even sit, let alone walk. Suffering from multiple disabilities it took him several months before he could start using a table and a chair – as he needed a lot of space. Now Ritesh is able to walk up and down the stairs with assistance. When Ritesh is in a good mood he moves around freely…But when he is in a bad mood he refuses to walk! Has since been mainstreamed. 

MALA (born 1993) joined us in 2007 as a student of our beauty course. Mala’s parents were both hearing impaired as a result of which Mala knew sign language. The same year we had 11 hearing impaired girls from Lady Noyce join the same course. While undergoing her own course, Mala doubled up as a teacher for other HI girls. After receiving her certificate, Mala was employed by Beauty World!

ANKUR (born 1998) came to us to do computers at the age of 17. Son of a dhobi, Ankur lacked confidence and was extremely reserved. After taking English and Computer classes THE LEPRA INDIA TRUST, he interned with a 5 star hotel in Delhi, and today employed with them. 

FARAH, (born 1989) came to Lepra in 2014 and joined the beauty course. Somewhere along the way we realized she was epileptic. As a result, she was unable to sit for her exams and would often fall asleep during class. Yet she persevered, along with her teachers and class mates. Counseling, meditation and theatre helped her deal with the issue at hand. Today, she has not only completed her beauty course but also done the computer examination also. She has also been able to act in plays with long dialogues – delivered with great confidence and aplomb.

We are so proud of these huge steps these children have taken despite their many challenges. It just goes to show how magically love and sincere hard work can change us. 

Some of our students have gone on to work at Axis Bank (hearing impaired student), Croma, Barista as well as a call centre. One of our hearing impaired students has also started work at our member Mr. Goonmeet Chauhans  office.